Pluck Plucks Moreover News

by Ray Matthews on September 21, 2004 at 01:07 PM

Moreover Technologies, the premier provider of aggregated online current awareness and business information, today announced that Pluck Corp., a software company dedicated to making it easier to find and manage Internet information, will integrate several of Moreover's RSS (Rich Site Summary) news solutions within Pluck's free Internet Explorer browser companion application. This will provide users with a more convenient and comprehensive view into breaking online news. These new capabilities include...

-- Aggregated RSS news feeds. As opposed to RSS feeds with content from a single site, Moreover feeds deliver a more complete view into breaking news as they are based on topic-specific categories composed of articles aggregated from thousands of the most relevant and reliable online sources.

-- A custom RSS feed builder will enable Pluck users to create and save RSS news feeds that are personalized to their specific news requirements.

-- And perhaps most importantly, the News Search and Perch alerts. Perches or "persistent searches" are saved searches that continuously execute against Google, eBay, Amazon or the 5,500 new sources indexed by the Moreover News engine. Unlike conventional web searches, perches show only what's new since you last reviewed it. Options for perches change based on the source. An Amazon perch, for example, lets you limit by store category, price, sales rank, and customer reviews.

Moreover powered searches return far more relevant results because searches are run across the headline and complete article content, not just the headlines. Moreover Technologies Connected Intelligence(TM) solutions harvest news from thousands of the most reliable online sources, including premium international and regional publications, corporate and government press pages, Weblogs and discussion boards. Content is intelligently categorized, fortified with descriptive metadata, ranked for quality by an experienced editorial staff and then delivered for use in custom applications, Websites, corporate intranets and enterprise portals.

While the Pluck feed update default is set to update every three hours, users can update as frequently as every 15 minutes. This may be a concern to content providers worried about bandwidth consumption. Pluck offers some nice touches such as the integration with CompleteRSS, an aggregator for finding RSS feeds, and the abilities to both import existing OPML feed subscriptions and to export OPML files for sharing with others.

Have you longed for custom Moreover feeds? There are perhaps other ways to do this, but none are easier than using the CompleteRSS "Create a Custom News Feed" tool. Just select the search terms you want to search for in the complete Moreover stories or headlines and you have a custom news alert feed. You can select whether ALL the terms need to appear or ANY of the terms need to be found or whether the EXACT phrase that you type in needs to be found. Just as you can specify what words are required to appear, you can specify words that must not appear. If your search for "dolphins" , the team, also returns results for the sea mammal, you can either exclude terms, or you can refine the search by limiting the search to a category such as "sport." Investors and those monitoring companies, can limit searches by stock ticker symbols. For more relevant but less comprehensive result sets, you can limit the search to just the headline, and for better quality you can eliminate blogs by just searching "top sources" such as The New York Times and BBC.

Pluck is currently limited to installation with the Windows version of Internet Explorer, version 6.0 or higher, and is limited to the Windows XP and Windows 2000 (Home or Professional) platforms. Windows 95/98/ME/NT & Mac O/S are not supported at this time.

Download Pluck Beta 0.9.5:

Read the press release: "Pluck Selects Moreover Technologies for Aggregated RSS News Solutions" (September 21, 2004)