Sun to Integrate, Boost RSS

by Ray Matthews on March 22, 2004 at 01:45 PM

Sun Microsystems will participate in driving open standards for RSS to bring together the fragmented RSS/Atom communities. “It’s time for it to stop being a cottage industry," says, Tim Bray, Sun's new technical director of software, "and start becoming a boring bureaucratic standard.”

Sun said this in announcing that it will develop RSS for internal communications as well as delivering external information among developers, customers and partners. It also plans to integrate RSS in its tools for its Java Desktop System.

Michael Gartenberg, vice-president and research director for the Personal Technology and Access and Custom Research groups at Jupiter Research, notes that RSS has matured to the point that Sun and Microsoft are interested and recognise the significance of the file format. “The fact that the major vendors are starting to get on board is really interesting, but this has really been a grassroots technology that has picked up a life of its own,” he said.

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