November 17, 2003

New Government Open Source Initiative

MIT, Harvard, and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts announce the formation of a loose association of interested U.S. state and local governments to promote sharing of software under open source licenses, including the GPL or Mozilla licenses.

An initial working meeting of the Public Sector Open Source Project will be held on December 9th at MIT and Harvard to form an association. They would like to have as many governments as possible represented and participating. Anyone with inquiries is invited to contact Dan Greenwood, Director of the MIT E-Commerce Architecture Program, at

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November 13, 2003

Open Source in Government Portals

Dave Fletcher reports that of the top five state portals (as judged by this year's Best of the Web), four use open source software to support their portal sites. The only exception is the state of Washington which came in fourth. The others all run on Linux, Apache, and Resin.

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September 26, 2003

Massachusetts Goes Open Source

Massachusetts is the first state to adopt a broad-based strategy of moving its computer systems toward open standards, including Linux OS. According to State Administration and Finance Secretary, Eric Kriss, the state's decision is driven by a desire to reduce licensing fees and a philosophy that "what the state has is a public good and should be open to all." Kriss told the Associate Press yesterday that the decision is the "most visible concrete action by a state government" to move toward open standards. Masschusetts will give preference to open-source software, but will continue to purchase proprietary products if they are found to be superior technologically or otherwise.

Here in-state, the Utah Department of Transportation has unveiled their new portal built using open source technologies. The UDOT Web team is interested in what you think of the new site, and seeks your feedback and any specific comments you may have. The new site will replace the old on October 6.

On the International scence it was announced yesterday that more than two dozen nations are considering proposals to promote or require the use of Linux in government offices. Japan, China and South Korea are among those who are collaborating over a plan to "embrace alternative operating systems." The Danish Board of Technology released a controversial report that e-government strategies should be based on open source technologies for fostering competition in the software market. The South African State Information Technology Agency reports it is now saving millions of Rands by implementing open source in the public sector. Israel announced it was working with Sun and IBM on designing a Hebrew version of Open Office software. Open Office is free, open-source office software that was originally based on StarOffice from Sun.

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August 26, 2003

RSS Becoming Ubiquitous

It seems that all new upgrades of content management systems are now supporting RSS, and there has been a recent flurry in sites that host personal and business blogs. AOL issued their long expected announcement today of their product, AOL Journals, which produces RSS 2.0 feeds. Microsoft is expected to debut their product in MSN 9.0, but it may not appear until early next year. Does anyone know when the Utah state government news hosting portal will be operational?

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