September 19, 2004

Fed Trends in Restricting Information Access

Congress enacts open government legislation in three main areas: (1) laws that provide public access to federal records; (2) laws that allow the government to restrict public access to federal information; and (3) laws that provide for congressional access to federal records. A new 90-page Congressional Report by Rep. Henry A. Waxman provides a comprehensive, though arguably partisan, examination finding the Bush Administration has acted to restrict the amount of government information that is available.

The report analyzes how the Administration has implemented each of our nation’s major open government laws. It finds that "there has been a consistent pattern in the Administration’s actions: laws that are designed to promote public access to information have been undermined, while laws that authorize the government to withhold information or to operate in secret have repeatedly been expanded. The cumulative result is an unprecedented assault on the principle of open government."

Read the Summary

Read the Full Report from the Commitee on Government Reform Minority Office (pdf).

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September 15, 2004 Web Standards reports today that wil be unveiled on September 29. This site will help federal agencies put up more uniform content and adhere to laws and best practices for information accessibility.

A GSA official said today that the Interagency Committee on Government Information's Web Content Standards Working Group has produced to help government Web site designers with standards for publishing federal requirements, laws, regulations and other information.

"While many federal Web sites are superb, others need improvement," said Beverly Godwin, director of the FirstGov Web portal at the General Services Administration and executive sponsor for the working group. "Up until now, no one has pulled together in one place all the requirements for federal Web sites." Godwin spoke today at a GSA lunch honoring the fourth anniversary of will explain the laws and regulations Web managers should know, in addition to describing best practices. The site includes a discussion, a listserv and a library link.

Source:, September 15, 2004

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