September 15, 2004 Web Standards reports today that wil be unveiled on September 29. This site will help federal agencies put up more uniform content and adhere to laws and best practices for information accessibility.

A GSA official said today that the Interagency Committee on Government Information's Web Content Standards Working Group has produced to help government Web site designers with standards for publishing federal requirements, laws, regulations and other information.

"While many federal Web sites are superb, others need improvement," said Beverly Godwin, director of the FirstGov Web portal at the General Services Administration and executive sponsor for the working group. "Up until now, no one has pulled together in one place all the requirements for federal Web sites." Godwin spoke today at a GSA lunch honoring the fourth anniversary of will explain the laws and regulations Web managers should know, in addition to describing best practices. The site includes a discussion, a listserv and a library link.

Source:, September 15, 2004

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September 03, 2004

Federal Info Standards Under Review

A federal interagency committee on government information has drafted "Requirements for Enabling the Identification, Categorization, and Consistent Retrieval of Government Information." This document, dated August 5, 2004, from The Categorization of Government Information (CGI) Working Group has insights of value for those in government engaged in making information more accessible through portals and search engines.

The group "seeks to improve the methods by which Government information, including information on the Internet, is organized, preserved, and made accessible to the public, as required under the E-Government Act of 2002, Section 207, Accessibility, Usability, and Preservation of Government Information."

This group, working under the U.S. Federal Interagency Committee on Government Information, has also drafted a "Recommendation for Search Interoperability." The recommendations focus on "how the U.S. Federal Government should adopt a search service standard to enhance interoperability among networked systems that aid in the discovery of and access to government information." Comments on the document can be sent until September 27, 2004 to its editor, Eliot Christian, U.S. Geological Survey.

Eliot, as many readers may know, was instrumental in founding the U.S. State Government Information Locator Services working group. gilsUtah has been a participating member since 1999.

Source: beSpacific (September 2, 2004)

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