Site Search for All Agencies, Cities, Counties

It's almost Christmas. Feeling generous, we're providing FREE site search to all Utah State agencies, all Utah counties, and all Utah cities. Anyone, in fact, can use it if they know how to cut and paste a javascript into the HTML of a web page.

The code provides either a horizontal or vertical search box with a drop-down menu. Your visitors can use it to search either your site (the default), all of Utah government, the federal government and other state governments using FirstGov, the Internet using Google, or news using AllTheWeb. For the more austere, there is a simple unadorned box.

Just select your agency and press the "generate code" button to get the code to insert. All kinds of customizations are possible. Just in time for the new legislative session, there is our Utah Legislation Search. Want to quickly search Utah codes, rules, court opinions and more? Then the Utah Law Search is for you. It's not Lexis/Nexis, but its free and its freely available to all the visitors to your site. Want more? How about legislative voting records search.... yes, we could whip that up, too. Want to mix and match? Sure. Want a site search of your department with a drop-down for individual divisions? See the examples that we've done for the Attorney General, Workforce Services and Public Safety.

The site search is provided by Utahgov Search ( and the code is available at A code correction we did today should allow it be used by users of all Web browsers including Netscape. If your agency isn't listed in the drop down, just click the "my agency is not listed link" and we will email you the code to insert.

Merry Christmas!

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