UtahGov Search en Espanol

Beginning Monday, November 22, UtahGov Search will include a search of Spanish language information and publications. Just click on "en Espanol and enter search terms in Spanish. You can also bookmark the search url for convenient access.

This search could eventually expand to index all Spanish language documents and publications put online by Utah state and local government agencies. It will also index federal government Spanish lanaguage portals.

If you are a Utah government agency and have Spanish language documents that you would like indexed, just do one of these two things to participate:


(1) Put your Spanish language pages and/or publications in a subdirectory named: /spanish/ or /espanol/


(2) Indicate your page is in Spanish by using the language metatag. For pages exclusively in Spanish, the tag is: <meta name="language" scheme="RFC3066" content="es">. For pages that are in English and Spanish the tag is: <meta name="language" scheme="RFC3066" content="en-us,es">.

Two additional best practices to make your documents more findable to those who speak Spanish are:

  1. Use Spanish page titles in title tags: Such as: <title>Vivienda y Familia</title> or <title>Vivienda y Familia (Housing and Family)</title>, and
  2. Write a description in Spanish for your description metatag: Such as: <meta name="description" content="Como pagar su educacion">

If this experiment is successful, we have the option of creating a separate catalog with a topic tree in Spanish for documents either exclusively in Spanish or both in English and Spanish language documents.

Please leave your comments and suggestions.

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