Michael Sauers Web Training - Don't Miss!

Our two Michael Sauers web design seminars our rapidly filling up. Michael is the author of XHTML Essentials and the forthcoming XHTML and CSS Essentials for Library Web Design, and he teaches Internet and Web design workshops full-time for BCR. Don't delay if you're interested in attending.

July 11 -- Web Design: Designing for Accessibility -- 9-12 a.m. -- Utah State Library
This half-day seminar addresses a variety of accessibility issues and demonstrates how good web design can minimize the problems that impaired users have in using Internet-based library resources. Fee: $10.00.

July 11 -- Web Design: Moving from HTML to XHTML -- 1-4 p.m. -- Utah State Library
Welcome to the new generation of Web-based publishing. HTML has been completely rewritten and is now called XHTML. Spend this half-day in a hands-on environment learning about this new version and the hows and whys of migrating to it on your Web site. Fee: $10.00.

You can register for these from the gilsUtah training page.

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Posted by: MYA EDDY at June 16, 2003 11:34 AM

Please sign me up for both and send me confirmations for both. Thank you


Posted by: kim mellin at June 16, 2003 12:02 PM

The new system we are now using requires that people register personally. It also checks its database to see if there is available room and it will let you know if there is available space.

You can register either by following the link at http://gils.utah.gov or by going directly to the respective registration pages. Here are the URLs:

Web Accessibility:


I'm sorry for the extra work, but we hope that it will make it a better experience for those registering in the long run.

Ray Matthews
Government Information Coordinator
State of Utah GILS Project

Posted by: Ray Matthews at June 16, 2003 12:21 PM