Utah.gov Search Queries Are Revealing

Mike Brown, the Utah State Library's programming whiz, has created a tool that reveals the 5,000 daily queries that visitors to Utah.gov are asking. Mike's Query Snoop allows you to view the lists by date and by month.

Though we haven't yet created a ranking sort, it's clear that the search for "sex offenders" continues to top the list. While tax related queries have expectedly dropped off since April, we're still finding from queries like "contact utah state tax commission" that their services are still in high demaind. Poorly constructed queries such as "complain filed to utah devision of real estate" show why some people don't find what they're seeking. Queries such as "Not getting paid for work done" may suggest to an agency a topic for a needed FAQ.

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I was told that this site had rental agreement to copy. Any info is appreciated. Thanks, Frances

Posted by: Frances Kinross at June 10, 2003 07:57 PM