Web Accessibility Software Downloads

Last Wednesday, Tom Sweet of HiSoftware provided a brief demo of AccVerify, AccRepair, and AccMonitor Server to the eDG group meeting at the Utah State Office Building. If you are interested in Web accessibility, you may interested to know that trial downloads of these products are available for evaluation.

If you work for Utah State Government and would like to download these trial packages, please contact Ray Matthews, 715-6752, for the needed URL and passwords. They come with step-by-step tutorials.

HiSoftware also has an Accessible Form Creator which you can download (no registration required). The Form Creator is intended to make creating accessible forms easy, regardless of the skill of the developer. It is designed for creating accessible HTML code related to the design, appearance, accessibility and usability for the form. From there, a web developer can then code the back-end functionality of the form, whether CGI programs, FrontPage Extensions or other methods are used to get the form to perform its actions. Please review the documentation for your Web editing programs, web server and other web technology you are using in order to complete these "back-end" configurations.

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