Metabrowser Leap Forward with JaveHelp

Bruce McLeod of Metabrowser Systems has just released version 1.6 of the Metabrowser client. It has better functionality for list construction and Metabrowser now supports dragging of text from any Web page directly into the metadata line or the edit panel. If you drag content into the edit panel, then it gets added to the content. If you drag it to a metadata line, then it replaces the content.

Bruce is also developing JaveHelp, a nice platform indepedent solution for displaying indexes and catalogs that works much better than anything the Web interface can do. He'll have a demo up shortly and will have Metabrowser Client and Metabrowser Server support for the XML format that it requires. He recommends it as an excellent way to use RSS channels and welcomes any programmer who would like to work on getting JaveHelp to directly read an RSS channel. Stay tuned for his examples.

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