April 14, 2003

Utah eDG Meeting on RSS News Feeds

Ray Matthews from the Utah State Library Division will lead a discussion and show 'n' tell on RSS issues and implementations for State Government. Kerry Huntington, Steve Stalter, and others from the ITS development team will demo a wizard-driven RSS turnkey system under development that agencies will be able to use for creating, finding, and consuming news feeds. All interested Utah state and local government agencies are welcome to attend this open meeting. If you cannot come, please see the eDG Meeting site for information on how to participate in the live Web Cast or view the Powerpoint presentation. The meeting will take place in State Office Building Rm. B110.

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April 10, 2003

Utah CIO Awards Postponed

On a personal note, I left early from the State GILS Conference to be back for this morning's for Utah CIO Awards Ceremony. Goveror Michael Leavitt, however, has a change in itinerary, so the ceremony has been rescheduled for Tuesday, April 29th. Also, on arrival I learned that the hosting service we've been using for some of our RSS scripts and our Movable Type test channels has been in crisis, so we apologize to our testers or anyone who has experienced a disruption in services.

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State GILS Conference News

The Fifth Annual State GILS Conference, hosted this year by the State of Illinois, was a great success. U.S. states have been meeting ad hoc for the past five years to develop Government Information Locator Services to promote access to state and local government produced information. We'll report later in more detail on the new initiatives in digital preservation, metadata repositories, Z39.50 resource discovery, web publication archiving, and a RSS-based platform for continuing our GILS collaborative efforts. The conference is still in session today.

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