Irish Local Governments Get Nooked

by Ray Matthews on November 25, 2004 at 11:09 PM

Two Irish County Councils and several other Irish, Northern Ireland, and UK government agencies are publishing press releases using the new Nooked hosted online RSS publishing service.

Aimed at enterprise users who want to quickly and easily syndicate their news, the Nooked online Newsroom, a wizard–based user interface, provides several public relations templates for the creation, editing, publishing, and validation of feeds.

While the cost of "less than $5 per day" may be steep compared to free services such as Ice Rocket's RSS Builder, Nooked does offer clients measurable user statistics. The company provides real time statistics about who is monitoring the channel, how often they are reading news stories, and if readers click through to the website. For more information about the product see the Nooked Guide.

The real oddity in their list of customers is Six Apart France, a subsidiary of the company that develops Movable Type and TypePad. Governmental customers include: