All Branches of Utah State Government Now "RSSified"

by Ray Matthews on December 11, 2003 at 08:50 AM

The Utah Legislature has joined Utah's executive branch and Administrative Office of the Courts in offering their web content by RSS feeds.

The Legislature's first official RSS feed is a "general interest" news feed that includes notices of the Legislature's Interim Newsletter (in pdf), legislative audit results, and other significant content changes on the Web site. The Legislative IT Staff say that, "we envision many potential uses" of RSS. You can grab the feed by clicking on the orange XML button on the Legislature's newly redesigned homepage

It's not yet parsed to the site or to's newsroom for composite aggregated news. Your best bet, for the time being, is to read it using your news aggregator. We extend our congratulations to Mark Allred and Glen Johnson of the Legislative IT Staff for the first of what promises to be a very valuable and useful service.

Former State CIO, Phil Windley, points out in his Enterprise Computing Weblog that Brigham Young University's NewsNet also monitors the Utah State Legislature and produced a Utah State Legislature 2003 news feed, one of several feeds of local interest generated by their Cold Fusion news operation.

Dave Fletcher, Deputy CIO for the state, suggests recently in his Government and Technology Weblog that the state have "a subscription page at some point in time that will make it easier for interested users to subscribe to the various news channels." Phil suggests that the legislature publish their calendar in RSS so that notices of public meetings and meeting changes go out as feeds and that bill status reports are issued as RSS feed. This should be possible. Some calendaring systems are capable of generating RSS/XML. The Utah State Bar Association, for example, has plans to soon release their "Master Calendar" as a RSS feed.

Watch at the Utah Courts Website for an official announcement from the Administrative Office of the Courts feeds of Utah "Recent Court Opinions" and "Courts in the News." This is just the beginning in plans afoot for generating further State of Utah executive, legislative, and judicial streaming content.

See also: What Law-Related Material Can We Put in RSS Feeds? (Rory Perry)


You can find unofficial RSS feeds of the Utah courts recent decisions (generated from the official emails that the courts site sends out) at . The dates in the feeds are based on the date that the email was sent, so it's possible they could sometimes be a day or two off from the actual decision date.

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